Cities of Opportunity
Healthy People, Thriving Communities

To drive comprehensive policy and systems change, Cities of Opportunity builds local leaders’ capacity in key Levers for Action through the lens of Equity and Race:

  • Civic Engagement to develop and repair trust with communities and with residents at the table to shape decisions that affect their lives.
  • Data to identify priority populations to focus on, to understand sources of inequities and to measure progress and achieve equitable outcomes.
  • Financing to ensure equity and inclusion in how a municipality deploys its funding.
  • Cross-Government and Multi-Sector Partnerships to strengthen collaboration across local government, with state and federal governments, and with businesses, community-based organizations, and other local stakeholders.
  • Durability and Sustainability of programming efforts with intentional and rigorous application of equity principles as cities develop and implement strategies for change.


Levers for Action

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