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Health and success begin at home, yet millions of Americans live in housing that is making them sick. A healthy home not only allows children and families to shelter in place and social distance during the COVID-19 pandemic, but also serves as a platform for providing supportive services to improve the health of vulnerable populations such as individuals with disabilities, chronic health conditions such as asthma and elderly family members.

Too many families live in homes that endanger their health because of the presence of toxic lead paint, mold, pests, leaks, or poor ventilation. These hazards can create health conditions for adults and young children that worsen over time, especially when combined with prolonged exposure to poor housing quality, concentrated poverty, and other such psychosocial and environmental stressors. City leaders are well-positioned to improve housing quality in their communities. The current Healthy Housing Forum six city cohort is working across systems to change how their city comprehensively supports resident well-being through housing. The policies, programs, and practices advanced by the cohort and other cities are shared through the Healthy Housing Learning Lab, a community of peer cities engaged in healthy housing issues.

  • Check out our resources series on how cities can partner with different stakeholders to advance healthy housing
  • Read our message guide for communications strategies to make the case and build support for action
  • The Healthy Housing Learning Lab is a peer community and resource hub for cities interested in addressing and/or expanding efforts to impact health hazards in local housing. Click here to join!
  • Gain an ally in your healthy housing efforts by recruiting your mayor or city manager to take the Mayor’s Action Challengeto address healthy housing!
  • JPB report– “Advancing City-Level Healthy Housing: Policies, Programs, and Practices in Asthma and Lead, Strategies for Progress”
  • Summary report on the Mayors’ Institute on Housing, Hazards, and Health
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