Cities of Opportunity
Healthy People, Thriving Communities

Cities of Opportunity are places where all people can reach their full potential and live healthy, productive and fulfilling lives. In these cities, each resident regardless of race, gender, age, ability or economic status, has a fair opportunity to:

  • Make a stable living, plan for the future, and improve their standard of living;
  • Have a healthy, affordable and stable place to call home that is convenient to jobs, schools and resources; and,
  • Are connected to the people, places, services and resources that people need in their daily lives.

In a landscape of the COVID-19 pandemic, economic damage and calls for racial justice, Cities of Opportunity helps local leaders build brighter and more equitable futures.

Even before the pandemic, in cities across America, the life expectancies of residents who live a few miles apart, and sometimes even blocks apart, vary by as much as five, ten or even 20 years. COVID exposes this country’s gaps and inequities in urgent and glaring terms. Economic, environmental and social conditions influence how long we live and how well we live. City leaders are uniquely positioned to improve these local conditions, advancing cross-cutting approaches that address underlying factors of health and well-being. And Cities of Opportunity offers the framework to deliver a strong recovery.

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