Cities of Opportunity
Healthy People, Thriving Communities

City leaders have various levers for action, or core capacities, to help drive progress and build city resilience. These levers are generalizable to any issue area and anchors effective city action to advance equity. They also help cities zero in on the key populations and issues that most need action, and to leverage resources and strategies for lasting impact.

Civic Engagement – Residents have an authentic role in decisions that affect their lives.

Data – Strategic use of data to identify issues and populations for focused solutions and impact on disadvantaged groups.

Equity Lens – Intentional focus to better tailor and target efforts where they are needed the most.

Financing – Identify and leverage resources available to the city to stretch value for every dollar.

Multi-Sector and Inter-Disciplinary Collaboration – Work with diverse partners across the community and city agencies to align actions and further grow relationships and stakeholders in the city’s success.

Sustainability – Embed strategies at the front end to ensure solutions are lasting.

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