Cities of Opportunity
Healthy People, Thriving Communities

Cities of Opportunity Pilot

NLC launches Cities of Opportunity: Healthy People, Thriving Communities. Twelve cities selected for this pilot initiative will work together to advance cross-cutting and collaborative approaches to improve community health and wellbeing. Read the blog by NLC CEO & Executive Director, Clarence Anthony and Executive Director of NLC’s Institute for Youth, Education, and Families, Clifford Johnson: NLC Cities of Opportunity Pilot Promotes Healthy People, Thriving Communities.

Meet Our Pilot Cities

Atlanta, GA

In Atlanta, we view health much more broadly than the mere absence of disease. Rather, for our city to be truly healthy, we must address the structural inequities plaguing our housing, financial, and educational systems. Our vision of One Atlanta is a city of opportunity, an affordable, equitable, and resilient city.

Birmingham, AL

Birmingham is building on its ShapeBham initiative that used neighborhood health data to inform visionary city planning. The City’s new Bus Rapid Transit project is connecting neighborhoods, spurring transit-oriented development, and linking people to jobs created through the TIP TAP TOP workforce development program.

Charlotte, NC

Charlotte is embarking on the Charlotte Future 2040 Comprehensive Plan, the City’s first comprehensive plan in 45 years. The planning process will be centered on inclusive community participation and enhancing economic mobility, and will build on the City’s efforts to grow social capital and partnerships for community investment projects.

East Point, GA

East Point is becoming a healthier city through a series of initiatives on walkable green spaces and greater access to health information and services. The Healthy Point community health promotion program, along with the city’s strong collaboration with a local hospital, are helping East Point harness growth to improve the health of all residents.

Fort Collins, CO

Fort Collins is redoubling its efforts to promote health, equity and wellbeing for all residents with a series of housing programs designed to address affordability, market information and improved indoor air quality, among other benefits. The lessons learned from Cities of Opportunity will inform the updates of both the City Plan and the Affordable Housing Strategic Plan.

Grand Rapids, MI

Grand Rapids is developing new ways to harness city-level data through their participation in the What Works Cities data inventory and the GRData open portal. A priority for the city is providing residents with access to information and fully engaging the community to address equity in data and health processes.

Hopewell, VA

Hopewell is focusing on building new partnerships between organizations and across sectors, and engaging community residents, to better achieve its land use, health, affordable housing and workforce goals. Doing so will provide a foundation to support community workforce development and begin the conversation to change the culture around opportunity and equity.

Huntington, WV

Huntington is targeting economic opportunity for all residents, with an array of job training and economic development initiatives. The city is also seeking to increase data sharing within the city and continue improving its hub-and-spoke model for community engagement.

Lansing, MI

Lansing is working with partners to promote community health through city planning and design. Seeking a more holistic approach, the city is interested in developing integrated data tools and embedding health and equity into regional plans.

New Orleans, LA

New Orleans serves its most vulnerable residents through a series of initiatives to remove barriers to employment, provide greater access to affordable housing, and create a better physical environment in neighborhoods. These are part of an intentional strategy to bridge the equity gap and reduce daily stressors that prevent residents from enjoying optimal quality of life and achieving full mental and physical health potential.

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Rancho Cucamonga is engaging in a dynamic series of planning and development initiatives to support residents’ health and quality of life. Supported by localized data, the Healthy RC partnership exemplifies this commitment to integrated health policy and community engagement.

Roanoke, VA

Roanoke is collaborating with local partners including health institutions to respond to long-standing inequities in health outcomes that remain even as the City undergoes impressive economic growth. Using data from their recent collaborative Community Health Needs Assessment, the city is looking at ways to integrate their equity initiatives into a broader strategy.